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Return Policy

PRX Wholesale appreciates and values our customers and their patronage. We strive to provide the best service levels in our industry. We understand that errors and accidents happen. Unfortunately, they are a part of this business. We have put together procedures and rules for returning product to PRX Wholesale.

PRX Wholesale Return Policy

The return authorization form must be filled out completely and a copy of the order must be attached before the return can be authorized and processed. The customer returning product attest to storing and handling drugs within manufacturer standards and it complies with the DSCSA Federal Guidelines. Product will not be accepted if PRX Wholesale suspects the returned product was not properly stored and handled. The customer’s signature attests this as true. If there is any part of the form that is not complete, the return will not be authorized. Unless authorized by management, all returns have a 20% restocking fee. Restocking fees are standard across our industry. This fee covers shipping & handling, as well as labor.

Acceptable Reasons for Return

The request of the customer is separated into 4 different sections or reasons for the return. These reasons are as follows but not limited to:

  • Customer Request/Error
  • Damaged
  • Warehouse Error
  • Sales Error


Returns are only honored 60 days after the date of the invoice. The customer may report the discrepancy within 48 hours of product receipt without being subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Required Information for Return

PRX Wholesale requires the following information to process a return request:

  • Item/NDC#
  • Description
  • Lot number
  • Expiration date. If the lot number is not available or legible, no credit will be issued.
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price (This is the price paid for at the time of purchase that matches the invoice of the product returned)
  • Credit Price
  • Extension

Unreturnable Products

Products that PRX Wholesale deem as “Unreturnable” are as follows:

  • Refrigerated product, including but not limited to, vaccines and/or biological products.
  • Products that have been used, damaged, opened, partially complete, marked, or without original labels.
  • Short-dated products (identified as S/D in item description), close-outs (identified as C/O in item description), or special-order products. Short-dated products are considered 12 months or less.
  • No Credit / No Return products (identified as NC/NR in item description).
  • Products stored improperly or exposed to hazardous conditions.
  • Returns from inactive accounts, accounts with outstanding balances, or accounts in process of closing or transferring ownership.
  • Drop shipped product shipped directly from the manufacturer; contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Any product from the following manufacturers from this list are NON-RETURNABLE.
    Alexso, Allegis, Blaine Labs, IPG/Innovida Pharma, Marnel Pharmaceuticals, NBGS, Palmetto Pharmaceuticals, Primary Pharmaceuticals, PureTek Corporation, SOLA Pharmaceuticals dba KBS Solutions, Solubiomix, Sterling Knights Pharma, Taleos-Pharma, Vivera Pharma, Wellgistics, Inc.