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We are a nationally accredited, pharmaceutical wholesale distributor. Most importantly, we are your expert and partner in the pharma industry. Our service-first mentality starts with our PRx staff. We are not just “call center order takers,” but instead, experts in our products and how you do business. This means that we are aware of the trends and changes in the industry and how they affect your pharmacy, regardless if you are independent, national or otherwise. To us, it is not just about selling more. It is about anticipating your needs, keeping you ahead of the industry changes, and bringing value to your business.

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PRX Wholesale has earned Drug Distributor Accreditation by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®).

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) is an impartial professional organization that supports the state boards of pharmacy in creating uniform regulations to protect public health. Through its accreditation, license verification, and testing programs, NABP aims to ensure the public health and safety.


A Healthcare Distribution Alliance membership provides access to networking opportunities, research, member-developed education and resources for the healthcare supply chain.

Fully Compliant & NABP® ACCREDITED

Compliance is critical, and we make sure you never have to worry about drug tracking and authenticity. This includes accessible pedigrees, product level tracking/audit reports, real-time alerts on recalls.

Free shipping

Surprise costs can hurt your business, so we offer free shipping for all orders meeting our minimum order requirements. That way you know your cost the minute you purchase and never have to second guess.

EDI/API Integration

Working with your distributor should be seamless, which is why we offer full EDI and API integrations with the systems you already use. Whether you have a service or something custom, call us and we can work to make things easy.

We buy direct from Manufacturers

Never worry about grey market products. All of our purchases come directly from the manufacturers or NABP®-accredited exclusive wholesalers, and we have the tracking information to prove it.

Recall Processes

Information is critical for your business and the safety of your patients. That is why we have an automatic recall process that ensures you are never shipped products on recall and notifies you if you have recalled products you purchased from us in the past.


Getting started is just a form fill away. Just fill out our simple application form and we can set everything up and have your credit ready in no time.


No matter your method, we accept all payment forms – credit card, check, wire, ACH and more. We can work with your team to set-up a credit process that works for your pharmacy.

Industry experience in all of the market

We have been on all sides of this industry, so we can provide the best possible solutions. Our team is always equipped with the background and knowledge to help guide you through the minefield of issues that can arise.