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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, PRX Wholesale has answers! The only bad questions are the ones not asked. Please feel free to contact us @ info@prxwholesale.com.

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  • Who is PRX Wholesale?

  • Where are you located?

  • How do I know you are a legit company?

  • Who do you source your products from?

  • What separates you from the other 1,000 secondary distributors that call me every day?

  • What carriers does PRX Wholesale use to ship my product?

  • Where can I find tracking for my package?

  • Can you ship to my state?

  • I am in my order and/or I received the wrong product. What do I do?

  • How do I return products to PRX Wholesale and what is your return policy?

  • How do I setup an account with PRX Wholesale?

  • I need to speak to my Account Manager. How do I can I reach them?

  • I need to place an order. How do I order with PRX Wholesale?

  • Do you send out promotional flyers? I’d like to be added to your list/taken off your list to receive promotions.

  • Where can I access my pedigree/T3 information?

  • I received an audit request from a PBM. How do I get this information from PRX Wholesale?

  • Do you sell Controlled Substances? Why not?